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This tool can be used to download a variety of sequences from the AppleGFDB in FASTA formats. Individual or sets of locus identifiers (e.g. MDP0000252805) can be typed into the textbox below.


This Provides a tool to search expression leval of an apple gene. Please input an apple gene locus(e.g. MDP0000243428). Recently, molecular biological experiments of apple utilizing high-throughput hybridization array and sequencing-based techniques have become popular. In order to provide the user a convenient way to collect information about the expression of apple genes, we collected all available microarray informations from published papers to present in my database. To aggregate these datas into generalized events, it is necessary to define comprehensive expression profiles for apple researches. The expression pattern of apple genes would be an important cue for predict the function of unknown genes. Owing to that the knowledge of apple genes are lacking, the expression of apple genes can be functionally important for apple scientist. Our databases also offer a flexible and open design that facilitates submission, storage and retrieval of data sets from genomic hybridization and expression experiments. By supplying apple locus, the expression of the gene can be showed directly. To be specific, on the basis of the microarray analysis of apple maturation process, the expression of each gene in this process is visualized as bar graph in our database.

Gene Family Submission
This tool was designed for users to submit their own gene family information to this database.

A gene family is a group of genes that share important characteristics. In many cases, genes in a family share a similar sequence of DNA building blocks (nucleotides). These genes provide instructions for making products (such as proteins) that have a similar structure or function. In other cases, dissimilar genes are grouped together in a family because proteins produced from these genes work together as a unit or participate in the same process.

Publication Submission
This tool was designed for users to submit their publication information to this database, if their publications reported any apple proteins which were included in this database. We design this tools to facilitate the annotation of the apple genes and to promote the communication about apple genome between different research groups worldwide.
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From this form you can download all the gene annotation data files in AppleGFDB.


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