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Gene List of Pseudo ARR-B
Gene Family GeneID Arabidopsis Short name E value
Pseudo ARR-B MDP0000149453 AT5G02810.1 pseudo-response regulator 7 0.0
Pseudo ARR-B MDP0000150823 AT5G24470.1 pseudo-response regulator 5 3e-066
Pseudo ARR-B MDP0000211664 AT5G02810.1 pseudo-response regulator 7 1e-105
Pseudo ARR-B MDP0000248765 AT5G24470.1 pseudo-response regulator 5 1e-099
Pseudo ARR-B MDP0000286458 AT5G61380.1 CCT motif -containing response regulator protein 1e-133
Pseudo ARR-B MDP0000287839 AT5G24470.1 pseudo-response regulator 5 2e-066
Pseudo ARR-B MDP0000307370 AT5G02810.1 pseudo-response regulator 7 1e-107
Pseudo ARR-B MDP0000453272 AT5G61380.1 CCT motif -containing response regulator protein 8e-143


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