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Gene List of Sigma70-like
Gene Family GeneID Arabidopsis Short name E value
Sigma70-like MDP0000122421 AT2G36990.1 RNApolymerase sigma-subunit F 6e-166
Sigma70-like MDP0000135483 AT3G53920.1 RNApolymerase sigma-subunit C 1e-124
Sigma70-like MDP0000157652 AT1G08540.1 RNApolymerase sigma subunit 2 0.0
Sigma70-like MDP0000160479 AT5G13730.1 sigma factor 4 2e-040
Sigma70-like MDP0000210088 AT5G13730.1 sigma factor 4 2e-087
Sigma70-like MDP0000235160 AT5G13730.1 sigma factor 4 6e-050
Sigma70-like MDP0000262444 AT5G24120.1 sigma factor E 5e-081
Sigma70-like MDP0000266956 AT5G13730.1 sigma factor 4 1e-059
Sigma70-like MDP0000270084 AT5G13730.1 sigma factor 4 1e-033
Sigma70-like MDP0000315125 AT4G32920.1 glycine-rich protein 0.0
Sigma70-like MDP0000831937 AT5G24120.1 sigma factor E 0.0
Sigma70-like MDP0000934360 AT1G64860.1 sigma factor A 0.0
Sigma70-like MDP0000939377 AT1G64860.1 sigma factor A 0.0


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